What happiness is

What is happiness, I have countless times questioning myself, and countless times to get the answer seems right, but

ultimately did not get the exact answer.

When I ate potato cakes, when eating,hong kong victoria harbour while the class I want to eat Steamed buns flour, flour Steamed buns must surely be

When the patch wearing their own clothes, and when, I think students dressed gorgeously dressed, wearing new clothes is

When carrying their own luggage walk alone on the country road, while the class was surrounded by family and, I think,

family care is certainly happy.

Now I can eat every day on every day to wear new clothes, Steamed buns, accompanied by family members every day, but I am


I began to doubt my mind..


When, and his fiancee walked hand in hand on the Boulevard I want in this world, I am the happiest.

When the arm of his wife's hand, in suonasheng through the passageway of the people to the wedding ceremony, I think, in

this world I is the happiest.

When the daughter stood on end hands, shouting to me dad spoiled, I think, in this world I was the most happy.Enterprise Hosting Service

Now see full avenue Qingqingwowo, no envy; others to participate in the wedding, no longer excited; see the young mother

intimacy feeling.

When you see the old colleagues and grandchildren, happy birthday so I said, "you are really happy." The old colleague

said: "old, or you young people happy." I have more doubts about my feelings..

When the funeral grandma next door, listening to someone say: "the old lady blessed ah, see how the children of filial

piety!" Don't cry, shouting with ZMOT a few head paper cow is the old lady happy? I'm confused.