On Saturday, a sunny morning, my friend -- the proud DR-MAX father, Bobi Lewis, took his two little son to the golf course..

He went to the ticket office and asked the staff member, "how much is the ticket?" "

The young man replied, "all 6 years of age have to pay $3 to the pitch, sir.. We are this stadium to let the children

under 6 years of age Brushless DC motor manufacturerfree access to your two children, how old? "

Bobby replied: "our home for the next lawyer is 3 years old, our family doctors in the future 7 years old, so I want to I

should pay you $6, sir."

The young man behind the counter a little surprised and said: "Hey, mister, you are just in Liuhe pick, or else, you

could save $3 for yourself, even if you told me the child 6 years old, I do not see what is the difference."

My friend Bobby replied, "yes, you did not see the difference, but my children will know the difference. Standing in the

position of a father, I have the responsibility not to let their little age learn to deceive others."

As the philosopher Emerson said: "why do you say so loud, but I don't hear what you're saying?" In this era of

competition and challenge, in good faith is more important hk serviced apartment and valuable than ever before, whether in your work or in your

life, you are to stand in your position..