Eliminate wrinkles

Promote the metabolism, proliferation and growth of fibroblasts and epidermal cells, promote the development and enhancement of the function of elastic fibroblasts, activate the regeneration of aged cells, accelerate the metabolism and renewal of cells, rapidly metabolize the aged keratinocytes and repair the broken superficial fibroblasts , Thus eliminating wrinkles. Promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts in the dermis by EGF and other active factors, repairs the aged collagen fibers and elastic fibers, synthesizes and secretes more macromolecules such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, improves skin microcirculation and provides a good nutrition environment , To maintain a certain amount of skin fat, restore skin elasticity, make it even compact, reduce wrinkles .

EGF can promote epidermal epithelial cells, keratinocytes, fibroblasts and other cells in the growth and division, accelerate metabolism and enhance their epidermal cell activity, so that cells maintain the quality and quantity of perfection, the skin wrinkles disappeared, showing tight Real, soft, smooth and elastic and healthy beauty. Promote cell metabolism (anti-aging): EGF can promote cell proliferation and differentiation. EGF can reverse adult mature cells to form "stem cell islands" while suppressing the expression of senescent genes. EGF fundamentally changes the composition of skin cells, reduce the average age of skin cells, make the skin bright and beautiful.

Dilute the stain
For darker skin and various types of skin pigmentation, EGF can replace senescent cells by promoting newborn cells to reduce the content of melanin and pigmented cells in the skin; and it can increase skin blood flow, improve skin microcirculation, Provide a good nutritional environment, prevent the deposition of metabolites, effectively improve the skin color, so that the dark complexion and various types of pigmented skin perfect, beautiful. More dark skin and various types of skin pigmentation, accelerate cell proliferation, promote subcutaneous capillary network distribution and promote blood circulation, excretion of the skin excretion of melanin, effectively reducing the deposition of melanin, whitening play a role warrant.

Moisturizing replenishment
Improve skin microcirculation (smooth), and promote the synthesis and secretion of hyaluronic acid (moisture): EGF can promote the synthesis and secretion of extracellular hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein and other macromolecules, enhance the hydrophilicity of the skin and maintain the skin moisture. EGF can improve skin microcirculation, make blood and smooth, prevent the deposition of metabolites, make the skin nutritious. Maintain the moisture inside the dermis; restore healthy skin, cuticle moisture retention within the epidermis enhances, so that the skin moist exudes vitality. EGF can improve skin microcirculation, provide a good nutrition environment, maintain a certain amount of skin fat, restore skin elasticity, make it even and compact, reduce wrinkles.

Under what circumstances suitable EGF?
Sensitive skin: redness, itching, redness and so on
EGF freeze-dried powder remove red blood cells, repair the cuticle of the skin, can enhance the skin resistance, so that the sensitivity is not coming.
Microneedles, laser, skin care and other cosmetic surgery after the skin
EGF freeze-dried powder has a strong repair, used to make microneedle, laser, freckle skin and wrinkles and other cosmetic surgery to strengthen the repair of the skin,Thinking what to do in Lantau Island? Here's an exciting way to explore diverse attractions, with a sunset dinner and stargazing at the beach.

Acne skin
In the treatment of acne period, for acne bactericidal anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and promote wound healing function, leaving no acne printed and pigment, effectively shrink pores.
Bumpy scars of the skin
For the scarring of the skin, scars for 30 days tend to be flat, long-term use allows the skin to regain as ever.

Normal type of skin
For normal skin care can promote skin cell regeneration, activate aging cells, delay skin aging. In the wrinkle removal and skin care has a unique effect.