Pay attention to water moisturizing work

Many MM may not understand why the skin whitening and moisturizing to get in touch, in fact, moisturizing the skin is the only way to whiten the skin, we all know that the ideal state of the skin is water and oil balance, only the skin without burden barrier-free The case of whitening work in order to get the best results. Therefore, whitening the first step we must adhere to make the skin full of water, in addition to doing a good job of daily skin care moisturizing work have to insist on drinking plenty of water, so that the body of toxins can be excreted .

Deep cleansing before going to bed to open the skin channel
Cleaning your skin before going to bed is very important. If you stay with cosmetics and dirt overnight, it can easily cause pigmentation, speckle formation and clogged pores, causing acne and itching problems, which can eventually accelerate skin aging. Do a good job of deep cleansing, the skin can absorb moisture and essence well, whitening effect less effective .

Whitening mask twice a week
Mask MM has always been the love of many things, as the most direct and effective whitening method, winter skin whitening whitening mask how rare how? In winter, Xiao Bian suggested that the best choice on the mask both whitening and moisturizing both Effective mask, adhere to apply twice a week or so, you can easily achieve the whitening effect you want .

Whitening mask has paid attention to the work of moisturizing! Whitening mask twice a week is OK! Deep cleansing before going to bed Oh! This is the key Austrian! So whitening skin care depends on these Austrian! This is the beauty of the foundation is the key !